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I love the interaction with the artist, their story and perceptions, mixed with the photograher and their style,
locations and what we all want for an amazing result. To WOW in an instant or preparing the vital 
as a stand alone image or for one of my more intricate digital 

Dealing with present and future world artists and photographers, ultimately instilling them with confidence

in the shoot and the people working around them. Informing so all of the ideas agreed are previously as well as listening and incorporate new inspirational thoughts. Sourcing location or studio space, photographers, and stylists but also happy to walk in to an already organised gig.


Images by:

Lorenzo Agius, Andy Eccles, Chris Dunlop, Dylan Thomas, Simon Fowler, Lord Snowdon, Mitch Jenkins, 

Tae Kwon, James McMillan, Terry O’Niel.

I have known and worked with Mark for many years. He has art directed me on many major shoots and produces brilliant results with an excellent level of creative input and design skills. He always comes up with the goods and

he is a pleasure to work with. I thoroughly recommend his design and creative abilities to all.

Just look at his folio and see why he is so highly regarded.

James McMillan - Photographer

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